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PSconnect is an online platform designed to help learners further their studies.

We help learners with choosing a career, finding a place to study and finding ways to pay for their studies.

Learners create a free account on PSconnect then proceed to creating a profile which is then used to help learners discover careers, university, colleges, TVET colleges, bursaries and more. Learners can then view which of these institutions they qualify for and then apply for them.

Learners can register and take a free career test to help them choose a career.

Learners will be able to select a career, find information about the courses of the different institutions in South Africa and then apply to them and learners can also apply to funding institutions.

PSconnect is used by grade 7-12 learners and those who have completed school.

Learners have the opportunity to apply for different funding options like bursaries, scholarships, student loans and learnerships.

Each institution that offers funding has different requirements, what PSconnect does is calculate which funding options you qualify for using the different requirements and your academic records.

To create an account on PSconnect is free, and to browse through any information is free, there is a once off cost of R200 per year which is required only when you would like to see where you qualify for or when you want to apply to different institutions.

When you pay the R250 to PSconnect, this will help you see which institutions you qualify for so that you know exactly where you qualify to apply to and then we help you apply to those institutions. However institutions like colleges don’t have application fees, but most universities do require application fees. This means you will have to pay directly to the institution you have applied to once you have applied.

Each institution has different opening and closing dates however when learners apply they need to apply this year for next year’s intake. PSconnect will show learners all the opening dates and closing dates, however applications usually open around march/April for applications for next year’s intake.

Learners can click on register and fill out their details to register on PSconnect.

Learners can click on contact us and viewall the contact details

Universities are usually looking for primarily your Grade 11 final Marks or alternatively your Grade 12 June marks.

Many students panic because their marks need some boosting. If that’s you don’t worry. What you can do for now is enter your grade 11 year end marks and since PSconnect shows you why you don’t qualify in detail, you can see what subjects and marks you need to achieve better in your June Exams. Then all you do is come and update your marks on PSconnect and it will re calculate your results to see if you now qualify and if you do, then you can start sending your applications through to institutions.

Private colleges and Public and private TVET colleges require any marks. Final acceptance is still based on your final Grade 12 results.

There are many reasons as to why one would get rejected because there are many factors as to how an institution selects their students. However the two big factors we can point out is:

  1. Not qualifying: for the course you are applying for many learners fall victim to this, however when using PSconnect then that’s the least of your worries.
  2. Not enough space: it is a known fact that Universities accept around 10% if not less of the applicants who apply to their institutions and this is especially public universities but for some reason many leaners don’t know about this.

On PSconnect our approach is to help you apply to multiple institutions you qualify for so you can have more than one option. We encourage learners to apply to universities, colleges and TVET colleges and then decide where they want to go based on the responses of the institutions that have accepted them. We help learners apply smarter.

Yes, when registering an account on PSconnect, you will be asked if you are interested in international studies, if you answer then you will be contacted to be assisted.

It is the institutions decision to accept you not ours. However what we do is assist you to give you the best chances of being accepted. But let’s say you are rejected at an institution, we then help you apply somewhere else. Because of the relationship we have with institutions we can help you to apply to institutions that still have space when you are not accepted at another institution.

The R250 is a subscription fee to allow PSconnect to assess you by calculating using your subjects and marks to tell you what you qualify for and then helps you apply to those institutions. Unfortunately other institutions but very few do charge application fees which we do not cover. These fees must be paid directly to the respective institutions we are helping you to apply too.

Each course has different requirements and PSconnect has more than 3500 courses from over 250 institutions. All you do is enter your subjects and marks and subscribe then PSconnect shows you 10’s to 100’s of courses you qualify for then help you apply to those courses.

Each institution has different closing dates and to make it more confusing each institution has different course which also can have different closing date. The cool thing is PSconnect has all these dates so that you will never miss any applications.

Each institution uses different formulas to calculate your APS score. Some include, exclude or divide subjects like life orientation and some you seven point systems and others eight points to score you and that’s why your APS score keeps changing. This is extremely confusing to figure this out manually. The difference is on PSconnect this is done automatically for you with a click of a button.

So we have an easy career questionnaire that you can answer on PSconnect. It’s a free test you can take and it will suggest faculties which are like industries to you. Then you can view these careers within those industries and then like careers you are interested in and see which institutions offer courses related to your careers.

Parents and Teachers can also use PSconnect to assist learners to understand how PSconnect is used.

You must always use your latest subjects because universities only provisionally accept you during the year pending your final matric results. So if your subjects are different come your final marks you might forfeit your acceptance status because you no longer meet the requirements.

Having over 250 Universities, colleges and TVET colleges on PSconnect, we have realized that each institution has different closing dates and what makes it worse is that some Courses in the have their own separate closing date then that of the institution. So to keep up with so many closing dates for is a nightmare. However PSconnect has all of the closing dates so you don’t have to worry about missing applications.

I did try that and I got rejected because my calculations were wrong. It’s quite confusing to calculate the aps score and today it’s not just about that, universities require certain subjects and marks and more. So this takes such a long time to calculate, I also realized that universities don’t use the same formula to calculate their aps score and some count Life orientation and others don’t, others expect you to divide it so I must say it’s confusing. So like many other learners I just applied and hoped I would be accepted. I got rejected like many other learners today. So yes you can calculate it yourself but what will take you weeks or months PSconnect does in seconds it just makes your life easier.

Bursaries has requirements and certain documents they need from you to submit before they can consider your application. So this is the process to apply:

  1. PSconnect calculates the academic requirements you would need to meet and shows you which ones you qualify for to apply. Also take note that bursaries offered by companies do not fund private institutions.
  2. Bursaries require an acceptance or provisional acceptance letter from a university before you can apply for their bursaries.
So this means you can only apply for bursaries after you have received an acceptance letter from a university.

First you must qualify for a course, then apply and then the institution will respond. If you have been accepted pending your grade 12 final results, the institution will issue a provisional acceptance letter or you can request one.

Yes, when registering an account on PSconnect, you will be asked if you are interested in international studies, if you answer then you will be contacted to be assisted.

If Learners have completed grade 9, Learners can apply to TVET colleges and learnerships on PSconnect to further their education.

PSconnect has several institutions learners can apply to, to upgrade their marks or rewrite their matric.

No that’s not possible however some courses are a mixture of two courses that may belong to two different faculties and also share similarities. This way you are able to study a course which has both the career interests you are passionate about.

Yes, only if you are currently studying towards a National senior certificate (NSC) in South Africa. If you are not in the schooling system of South Africa we cannot help you, however we will in the near future.

PSconnect plans to in the near future to assist learners with National vocational certificates (NVC) and Senior Certificates (SC), however for now we only assist learners who are studying towards an NSC.

You are more than welcome to access the vast information we have on PSconnect for free, but when you seek help to see where you qualify and assistance to apply to multiple institutions the subscription fee needs to be paid beforehand.

You can find this out by clicking on minimum requirements on the course you find interesting. You will see the APS score required, subjects, marks and more. What important is not just knowing what’s required but finding out if you qualify for those requirements and PSconnect can help you with that.


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What Students think.

This is what our students think.

Mbuso Mafuyeka

PSconnect helped me to choose a career that suits my personality. I had difficulties choosing a career that would make me happy. It saved me the trouble of choosing a course, changing, and dropping out of varsity.

Charmaine Howle

The PSconnect team guided me to choose the best institution, communicating with them is quite easy. They offered me the best service in the world. The student support department was very helpful and informative, Thank you guys.

Brian Mahlangu

I loved how they responded to my queries, regardless of whether I qualify or not for the course I chose, It saved me from the process of waiting for two months, and getting a rejection letter from the institution.

Lisa Van Tonder

There are so many courses that I'm interested in, and I wasn't aware they existed. PSconnect made my life easier, and saved me the time to make different applications. I thought varsity was too expensive, and my parents won't be able to afford the fees. I am able to study at any university, thanks to the funding support that they provided.